We are exporters of all kinds of fresh fruits and dry fruits and vegetables. We import fresh banana from south-east Asia and export apple, kiwi, pistachhios, watermelon, dates and saffron to markets such as the Middle East, Europe & south-east Asia. In vegetables we supply fresh cucumber, potatoes, white/red cabbage,tomatoes, pumpkin, green beans, lettuce, cauliflower, eggplant and capsicum. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction and high quality standards. If you are an importer looking for a reliable partner in Europe or South-East Asia, you are at the right place. We are specialists in this field and can consistently deliver top quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices.

At Sooran Tejarat Barsava we work to deliver the world’s freshest, choicest, and juiciest produce to discerning customers across the Middle east, South-East Asia and Europe. Whether you are looking for deliciously sweet grapes that are as delectable as when they were picked, gloriously crunchy apples that your customers will want to savour again and again, or the exotic sweetness of banana, or the heavenly taste of fresh Kiwi, Sooran is your supplier of choice.

Green Cavendish Banana

The Cavendish banana is the most widely-grown banana cultivar. Plantations devoted to this banana can be found in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The bulk of bananas on the shelves of Western supermarkets are Cavendish bananas. These fruits are ubiquitous, cheaply available year-round in fresh form.

Red Iranian Apples

The apples produced in Iran have various shapes and colors. They have a round shape with a cavity at the top; some of them are closely rounded and the others have a conic shape. The other characteristic of these apples is that they have a firm flesh with red, white or yellowish-white color. The skin of these apples is not dull and is shiny.