Banana is an important fruit crop of many tropical and subtropical regions of India. It is cultivated in India in an area of 830.5 thousand ha and total production is around 29,779.91 thousand tons. Main banana growing states are Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The global production of banana is around 102028.17 thousand tons of which India contributes 29.19%. Besides India, other major banana producing countries are China, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil and Indonesia. The table given below shows the major banana producing countries in the world. Figures are for the year 2011.

Country Production in Million Tonnes Production(MT/Hectar) Percentage of world production
India 29.78 35.88 29.19%
China 9.8 26.37 9.65%
Phillipines 9.1 20.24 8.92%
Ecuador 7.9 36.78 7.77%
Brazil 6.9 14.30 6.82%
Indonesia 5.77 56.83 5.64%

Banana specification

Minimum length 7.5 inches (19 cm on big hands)

Minimum length 6.5 inches (16.5 cm on small hands)

Calibration 36 to 47 grades

Sugar content 17 to 20 Brix

Packaging details

For packaging bananas, telescopic corrugated boxes of 5 ply strength and of the following dimensions are used -

Top box = 48.25cm X 31.75cm X 20.25cm -5 ply(corrugated)

Bottom box= 47.50 X 31.25cm X 19.75cm -5ply(corrugated)

Gap plate= 3 ply(corrugated)

Foam sheet or foam pad of 20mm thickness, 38cm X 25cm size with 10 mm holes. Weight of the box packed with banana is approximately 13.0 Kg

1540 no. of boxes can be transpored in a 40 foot high cubic container.

Gross weight of 40 foot container is approximately 20 Tonnes.