• Banana tree

    Banana is a tropical herbaceous plant consisting of an underground corm and a trunk (pseudostem) comprised of concentric layers of leaf sheaths. At 10 to 15 months after the emergence of a new plant, its true stem rapidly grows up through the center and emerges as a terminal inflorescence which bears fruit.Broad, long, graceful leaves and rapid growth-commonly reaching full size in just a few weeks make banana a favorite plant for providing a tropical look to pool and patio areas.

  • Banana cutting

    Harvesting is typically carried out by only one person, partly by cutting the pseudostem with a machete, and lowering the bunches down slowly. Once harvested, the fruit is manually transported to a location where it is collected by truck. At the time of its sale, which usually occurs on the same day of its harvest, the bananas are dehanded (cut to transporting size) and arranged in boxes having a standard weight of 13.0 kg.

  • Banana Processing

    Upon arriving at the processing plant, still hanging from their steel cables, all bunches are washed with a solution of soapy water in order to remove dirt and stains. Then all bunches are dehanded and placed in a water tank with a bactericidal product such as Bacterol aiming in order to sanitize the fruit in addition to coagulating and precipitating the sap. The next step is to cut the banana hands into smaller units, spraying them with a 0.2 % fungicide solution (usually commercially obtained Imazalil or Bankit), weighing them, and finally placing them in cardboard boxes.

  • Banana Packing

    Banana fruits are packed in 13 Kg corrugated boxes. The hands are segregated by foam to avoid touching other bunch. Usually 4-5 hands are packed in one box of 5 ply strength. After the packing, the top cover is placed to cover the lower case and transported to the cooling house to process the banana before getting loaded onto the container.

  • Banana container stuffing

    Banana corrugated boxes are stuffed on top of the other starting fom the inside of the container. The boxes are arranged in 11 columns and 6 rows, in total of 1540 boxes in a 40 foot container.

  • Banana container

    A typical banana container looks like this after it has been stuffed completely till the container doors.

  • Cavendish Banana Bunch

    A typical 13 week cavendish banana bunch.

  • Banana Hands

    A banana hand with 14-15 fingers.These are mostly found in the upper part of the fruit stem during harvesting.